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Profil de l´entreprise

Entreprise :YNV GROUP
Ville :Nicosia
Pays :
Secteur d´activité :
Informatique, SSII, Internet
Intérim, recrutement
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Description de l'entreprise

YNV Group is a holding company that began as a highly successful tech support start-up. In just a few years, we grew into a multi-brand group of companies serving global enterprise clients and governments. Today, our brands include Tek Experts, elev8, Talentwize, Monifai, Everty, and Sandglass and operate across the tech, real estate, and financial services sectors.

YNV Tech Talent :

  • We are a leader in helping enterprises and governments source, skill, and scale talent to deliver on their tech talent strategy to meet the evolving demands of their business. Through our YNV Tech Talent portfolio, we accelerate digital transformation and help bridge the digital skills gap through our Tek Experts and elev8 brands.

YNV Real Estate :

  • YNV Real Estate establishes the spaces where people can live, work, unwind, and thrive by investing in local markets and supporting community developments around the world.

YNV Financial Services :

  • YNV Financial Services provides individuals with lending solutions so they can access the funds they need at speed, empowering them to thrive and grow. With over 6,000 employees across 13 hubs in 11 countries, we help the people and communities in which we operate thrive and grow in the modern digital world.

Our brands leverage innovation, deep technical skills, expert leadership, and passionate colleagues to enable our clients to adapt, thrive, and grow in the dynamic digital marketplace YNV Group and our brands are guided by three core values :

  • We Care
  • Stronger Together
  • Learn and Grow.